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I have grouped the pages under the following headings:

Pages associated with "Les Miserables" and Victor Hugo:

Main Page - discussion of characters and themes in "Les Miserables"

Film versions of "Les Miserables"

Les Mis character studies

Jean Valjean

Valjean and Javert - a comparison

Notre Dame de Paris

Similarities between Notre Dame and Les Mis

Miss Saigon

Philosophy-based pages:

Potted Philosophy

Existentialism in the cinema

Some personal thoughts about religion

Existentialism and the mutiny on the Bounty

Teaching (and learning!):

Curriculum for Excellence - a personal response

CfE response - updated

Advice for student teachers

Essay writing

Reflections on AifL

Reflections on Engagement

Tutoring and mentoring of student teachers

Self Evaluation and impact on learners

Tales of teaching

French Grammar

Riddles with cryptic clues

French literature and films:

Philosophy behind Baudelaire

Les Fleurs du Mal

Luc Besson films

Cyrano de Bergerac

Dracula (Canadian musical)

Les Enfants du Paradis

Jean de Florette


Les Choristes


Film favourites:

Angel films

An Inspector Calls

Being There

Blade Runner

Thoughts on the Bond films



Emperor of the north

Five easy pieces

Gangs of New York

Gran Torino

Forrest Gump

Hell in the Pacific

High Plains Drifter

Judgment at Nuremberg

The Man who would be King

Kingdom of Heaven

The Last Samurai

The Magnificent Seven

The Name of the Rose

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

Point Blank

The Professionals


The Big Red One

The Sandpebbles

The Searchers

Teaching films

Television past and present

Invergordon Academy Modern Languages Department (with links to teaching materials)

Some information about me

Alternatively, please click on one of the links below to go to the page as

Reflections on the foreign policies of major nations
An interesting and thought-provoking article by Dr Edo McGowan

“Les Misérables” – the game
Information about the game, but also about various aspects of "Les Miserables" adaptations.

Paralleles et oppositions entre Jean Valjean et Javert dans Les Miserables
An excellent and detailed essay on similarities and differences between Valjean and Javert (in
French), written by a Czech student.

A political interpretation of Les Miserables
An excellent essay on similarities between Hugo's work and that of Karl Marx, written by a Scottish

Scottish CILT Wiki site
An opportunity to share opinions and materials with other teachers

Victor Hugo Online
An excellent and comprehensive site devoted to Hugo's works

Notre Dame de Paris
A site of notes and information about Hugo’s tale.

Les Miserables Lyrics
A site which includes lyrics to the songs of the show

Invergordon Academy
Home page for the school where I teach.

Northern Sights
An excellent site containing images of the Highlands of Scotland

Internet Movie Database
The best site for information about films
Stuart Fernie's Website